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Hi, I'm Nav, an AI enthusiast and the creator of AI Simplified. I started this newsletter to share my passion for artificial intelligence with readers like you.

As a software engineer, I work with AI and machine learning every day. But I know that not everyone has a technical background. AI and its dizzying array of algorithms, techniques, and applications can seem complex and inaccessible.

I created AI Simplified to cut through the complexity and share the exciting world of AI in an easy, engaging way.

Rather than stick to a rigid schedule, I publish new issues when I have something valuable and interesting to share about AI's progress or emerging technologies. Quality over quantity is my approach.

When I do publish an issue, I scour the latest AI news and research to find important or thought-provoking highlights. Then I distill that information into a simple, fun explanation in my newsletter. No advanced degrees or programming experience required!

AI is already transforming our lives in so many ways, from smart assistants to self-driving cars to personalized medicine. But this is only the beginning. By some estimates, AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030! I want to ensure that as many people as possible can understand AI and participate in shaping its future.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, creating digital art, and spending time with family. I also run a blog for solopreneurs ( where I review helpful software tools and show how to use them to boost your productivity, including some AI based services. The newsletter and blog are separate, with the newsletter focused specifically on AI news and innovations.

Most of all, I hope AI Simplified sparks your curiosity about AI, the way it has for me. Welcome to the newsletter, and enjoy exploring the fascinating world of artificial intelligence!

With love,
Resident nerd, AI Simplified (focused on Software reviews, my journey started here)

YouTube: (focused on AI research paper readings, walkthroughs in video form)

Newsletter: This newsletter is a bit more personal. Here I share my unfiltered thoughts and feelings about future tech, AI, and our place in it.

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Thoughts on AI, Tech, and Business - by a computer engineer.



Thoughts on AI, Tech, Business, and Life - by a computer engineer.